Innovation In thoughts, operation, approaches and strategies — has become a factor for creating SAB Innovation company to make the business world without limits. The objective is to make the business companies Think Ahead to grow consistently with us.

SAB Innovation a subsidiary of SAB-Holding Group, aiming all business industries as we founded five division, you can grow fast with creativity and technology, starting with our Women Business Process Center (WBPC) in Jeddah, an all women center outsourcing services that helps you to manage the internal work through our high Saudi women competencies. If you Think Ahead bigger, you can invest with our ERP Solution where we are partners with SAP specialists in software solution. We guarantee you profitable investment because of the benefit of SAP. We Think Ahead and care of the convenience of the customers and provide them with the right solutions such as inserting your secure data with our Cloud Solution our Cloud Solution which is a partner with IBM. To keep up with times, Think Ahead about innovation we can help you see the future by introducing the company new strategies, creative ideas and studying the market situation with our Digital Solution that is specialized in marketing and branding. Finally, Think Ahead what is the real investment in SAB Innovation; our people hence why we created our Leadership Academy because we believe they are the best investment, we have new global programs that can turn goals into outcomes by offering learners many choices of personal and organizational development.

SAB Innovation Company, a subsidiary of SAB Holding Group, is established to serve businesses throughout the region regardless of its size or sector. With SAB Innovation, businesses will be able to improve and develop internally in order to be the forerunner in the highly competitive market. SAB Innovation partners with businesses to Think Ahead by challenging and changing the status quo to meet the global standards.

To be the pioneers in providing businesses the solutions to think and act smart

Under the conceptualization of efficiency and effectiveness, our mission is to be the leading business success partner for companies through development and transformation in business & technology platforms and leadership practices.

SAB Innovation presents a journey to Think Ahead through its innovative and customized services, based on the business needs and requirements, to grow, develop, and transform and obtain the following benefits

SAB Innovation presents a journey to Think Ahead through its innovative and customized services, based on the business needs and requirements, to grow, develop, and transform and obtain the following benefits:

  • 1. Increase enterprise growth
  • 2. Reduce enterprise cost
  • 3. Customer Centric (attracting and retaining new customers)
  • 4. Creating new products, services, and efficiency
  • 5. Agility and improving enterprise efficiency
  • 6. Improving business processes
  • 7. Implementing and updating business applications
  • 8. Improving technical infrastructure
  • 9. Consolidating business operations
  • 10. Expanding into new markets and geographies

The uniqueness of SAB Innovation services is based on its holistic view. The services aims to transform the business in terms of process, technology, and people. The client can select a service or a combination of services that could be altered according to the business requirements and needs. SAB Innovation can reshape the business success definition through its five divisions:

A world leading entrepreneur, Chairman of SAB Holding Sheikh Salah Hamdan Al Belawi has created a leading Group of Companies operating in the Middle East. His focus on quality, innovation and investment across a range of sectors has built this respected Group over the last two decades.

Sheikh Salah Hamdan Al Belawi through his investment vehicle SAB Investment has created market defining businesses in the Communications. Logistics, Retail, Real Estate, Medical, Travel, Construction and Luxury goods sectors. Operationally focused the Group provides strong, commercial and sound, ethically led support for business expansion